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Steven Smith Stuffed Animals

The broad selection from Steven Smith will delight you! Find Beanies, Clip Ons, Finger Puppet, Hand Puppets and scores of animals and bears! All animals are supplied with custom shirts to allow you to add recognition. Really deck out your animals by adding additional accessories for just a little more. Animal sizes range from 4 inches to 44 inches. Highlighted accessories on pages 55 to 59 may be substituted for shirts. Accessories in black are an extra cost. The accessory index on page 60 & animal index page 61 will help you to find and dress your animals.


DISCOUNT SCHEDULE: Orders with catalog pricing that add to less than $500 multiply by .925, orders between $501 and $999 multiply by .85 and orders that add to $1001 or more multiply by .82. These discounts are based on a particular skew item. Additional accessories carry a 15% discount.


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