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Medallions are cast of base metals with many finishes available and nominally sized at 1.5 inches.

Coloration is included in the pricing and up to 5 colors may be incorporated. Medallions are pre-curved to easily conform to a 1.5″ walking stick.

Shapes and designs are unuquely conceived. Lapel pins and magnets are available for a 30 cent adder. Medallions are packaged with nails.

The set-up charge is $135.00 for orders of 300 and $40.00 for quantities of 500 or more.

Quantity 250 500 1,000 2,500
1 inch $2.67 $2.40 $2.14 $2.01
1.25 inch $3.12 $2.68 $2.49 $2.30
1.5 inch $3.67 $3.28 $2.82 $2.56

Our popular medallions are cast from domestic lead-free fine pewter that may be blackened and relieved for contrast. We curved them to easily confirm to a 1.5″ diameter walking stick.

Designs are created individually for each customer. Antique brass and copper finishes are available from 0.52-0.72 cents, depending on size. They are individually packaged with two small nails for installation.

Factory set up charges range from $35 to $75, depending on the design time required.

Premium Custom Metals Items

The catalog below illustrates our decorated metal items such as lapel pins, belt buckles, tops, badges, etc. Discounts apply as follows: For product orders more than $500 15%, for orders more than $1,000 20% and for order more than $2500.00 25%. Factory charges are shown and there may be additional formatting charges not to exceed $50.00.


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